May 7, 2024

Allana Beavis & Derek Lai - Global Health

Unpacking global health issues with practical steps we can take as clinicians
Allana Beavis & Derek Lai - Global Health

We hosted Physiotherapists Allana Beavis and Derek Lai from the Global Physio Podcast to discuss:

– What is global health, and what led them to learning about it

– The challenges when starting to learn and talk about global issues

– Helpful starting points to upskill

– The benefits and positives in deconstructing ideas we’ve been taught

– Takeaways from the CPA Congress

+ more

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Resources Mentioned:

“Militarized Global Apartheid” by Catherine Besteman:

Defining global health: findings from a systematic review and thematic analysis of the literature by Salm et al.:

“Challenging power and unearned privilege in physiotherapy: lessons from Africa” by Stephanie Lurch et al.:

“Signs of Inequitable Access: Users of Private Physiotherapy Services Do Not Reflect the Urban Population in Winnipeg, Manitoba” by Sandra Webber et al.: